Title: Aston Hall
Title: Teaching Sessions

Aston Hall offers a range of teaching sessions which are shown below. The sessions are delivered by a member of the Learning Team and are avialable Tuesday to Friday. Sessions cost £4 per pupil and last 1 hour 30 mins. For more detailed information about the sessions please visit our new online database on the Birmingham Museums website.

To book a visit please contact the Education Bookings Team on 0121 348 8001 or email educationbookings@birminghammuseums.org.uk.


Storytelling: Cinderella

Key Stage: Foundation, 1
Subjects: Drama, English, and History

Experience this enchanting fairytale in the magnificent setting of Aston Hall. Your class will dress up as characters, from the wicked stepmother to the handsome prince, as we explore the house, telling the story together as we go.


London's Burning

Key Stage: 1
Subjects: Drama, English, History, and Science

Explore the story of the Great Fire of London in an historic setting. In this interactive session, we’ll discuss how the fire started by looking at bread ovens in the kitchen and discover why the flames spread so quickly. Students will dress up as key figures and explore a bedroom like the one Samuel Pepys slept in. Children will learn 17th-century fire-fighting methods, trying their hands at lifting the heavy fire hook and passing a replica leather bucket along a line.


Toys Long Ago

Key Stage: 1
Subjects: Drama, History, and Science

Learn what life was like for the wealthy Holte family and their children by dressing up, playing with and investigating replica objects. Starting in the Great Parlour, children will dress up as Sir Thomas Holte, his wife, and two of his children helping your pupils compare clothes in the past with how we dress now. Your students will have the chance to play with 17th-century toys, including cup and balls, quoits, hoops and hobby horses in the impressive Long Gallery, where the Holte children played 400 years ago.


Ghostly Tales

Key Stage: 2
Subjects: Drama, English, and History

Your class will explore the entire house as they become ghost hunters for the day.We’ll hear spooky stories as you explore the house, equipped with dowsing rods and worksheets to document findings. Experience paranormal activity such as lights flickering, strange sounds, and unusual objects strewn around the rooms. Their mission will be to prove if the stories are true or false. They will have time to work in small groups collecting evidence from the many haunted rooms.


Local History: Aston Hall Uncovered

Key Stage: 1 and 2
Subjects: Drama, History, and Science

Take a tour of Aston Hall and uncover the history of this magnificent Jacobian mansion. Learn about the lives of the wealthy Holte family and their servants by exploring different rooms in the house. Your class will handle replica artefacts, dress-up as key characters, and learn a 17th-century dance in this interactive session.


Aston Hall at War

Key Stages: 2, 3, 4
Subjects: Drama and History

Uncover Aston Hall’s role in the English Civil War. Students will dress up as key figures including King Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and Queen Henrietta Maria. They’ll find out about Sir Thomas Holte, the Royalist owner of Aston Hall, and how he was locked up for supporting the King, had his house attacked and lost two sons fighting in the war. Examine the damage caused by cannon fire to the staircase and walls and handle objects from the Civil War. Plus, the class will re-enact the pikemen’s formations in the Hall’s grounds.