Title: Schools
Title: About Us

We are a team of Schools Support Officers who work with pupils when they visit Museum sites. We teach across the age range, from 4 years - 18 years. All our teaching sessions are closely linked to the curriculum and to schools’ needs. Children can take part in role-play, drama, historical investigation and discovery, critical studies and art activities, science explorations, maths workshops and much, much more!

We write information for teachers about the Museums and their collections, and produce plenty of activity sheets and worksheets for pupils to give a structure and curriculum focus to their visit. These resources can be downloaded from the 'Printable Resources' section on this website.

We also create a variety of on-line interactive resources to support the curriculum and teaching across the museums. These learning resources can be found on the e-learning page.

Teachers can attend INSET courses which focus on a particular subject, curriculum area, exhibition, or Key Stage relevance.

We run a Loans Service which has over 200 boxes of objects, ranging from Ancient Egyptian artefacts to zoological specimens. Teachers can borrow loans to use in the classroom for a half-term.