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The extensive list below provides links to printable worksheets and teachers' notes. All the files are in Adobe PDF format and open in a new window. There are new worksheets and teachers' notes added regulary. To download any of the resources, right click the link and select 'save target as'. The list is organised into the following categories (click a category to jump straight to that section):

Please Note:
Objects and paintings are frequently removed and re-arranged for the purposes of exhibitions and conservation. Therefore, not all the objects listed in the documents below may be on display at any one time. If you wish to see a particular painting/object during your visit, please call 0121 303 3890 beforehand to check it will be on display.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - General
Learning Zone Discovery Trail (366 KB)
Birmingham Art Gallery top
Let's Go To The Art Gallery (Teachers' notes, 1.13 MB)
Containers From Around The World (386 KB)
Foundation and KS1 Activity Sheets (2.15 MB)
Arty Word Search (45 KB) and Arty Word Search Answers (49 KB)
Famous Artists Word Search (64 KB) and Answers (56 KB)
Gallery 33: A Meeting Ground of Cultures
Gallery 33 (Teachers' notes, 90 KB)
Gallery 33 (76 KB)
Impressionism (Teachers' notes 38.9 KB)
Colour with Vlaminck (56 KB)
Landscapes (Teachers' notes 34 KB)
Landscapes (95 KB)
Masks (Teachers' notes 268 KB)
Greek Pattern and Pottery (25 KB)
Pattern (73 KB)
Portraits (Teachers' notes 44 KB)
Portraits (73 KB)
Pre-Raphaelite / Victorians
Black Victorians (1.15 MB)
Ford Madox Brown (149 KB)
Pre-Raphaelites (Teachers' notes 2.01 MB)
Baroque Art

Baroque Art: Looking at Colour (Teachers' notes 711KB) *NEW

Birmingham Museum top
17th Century True or False (18 KB)
Aztec Anagrams (39 KB) and Aztec Anagrams Answers (35 KB)
Egypt Pupil Worksheet (6.76 MB)
Ancient Egypt Gallery 34 - Pupil Worksheets(423 KB)

Ancient Egypt (Teachers' notes 566 KB)
Egyptian Timeline (104 KB)
Egyptian Objects (Teachers' notes 193 KB)
Mehen Game (517 KB)
Pre-Visit Activities for a Session (152 KB)
Seega Game (411 KB)
Egyptian Puzzle (43 KB)
Greek Patterns and Pottery (25 KB)
Greek Gallery 36 - Teachers' Notes (795 KB)
Greek Gallery 36 - Pupil Worksheet (294 KB)
Greek Timeline (127 KB)
Greek Objects (Teachers' notes 228 KB)
Dress the Roman Soldier (101 KB)
Roman Objects (Teachers' notes 373 KB)
Roman Timeline (111 KB)
Roman Quiz (48 KB) and Roman Quiz Answers (53 KB)
Viking True or False (20 KB) and Viking True or False Answers (10 KB)
Viking Word Search (11 KB) and Viking Word Search Answers (15 KB)
Quick Tudor Teasers (11 KB) and Quick Tudor Teaser Answers (12 KB)
Victorian Terrace (54 KB)
Victorian Timeline (170 KB)
Victorian Quiz (56 KB) and Victorian Quiz Answers (61 KB)
Victorian Word Search (54 KB) and Victorian Word Search Answers(54 KB)
World War II
WW2 Timeline (73KB)
WW2 Recipes (44 KB)
WW2 Poems (252 KB)
Birmingham: Its People, Its History

Life in Medieval Birmingham (3.5 MB)
Victorian Lives: Work, Rest and Play (2.7 MB)
The Birmingham Blitz (5.7 MB)
A Stranger's Guide to Birmingham (5.5 MB)
Time Travelling Curators (2.2 MB)
Birmingham: Its People, Its History - Self Guided Visits Resource Pack (3.5 MB)

Staffordshire Hoard
Staffordshire Hoard Acrobat (2.5 MB)
Aston Hall top

A Jacobean House - KS2/3 (68 KB)
A Jacobean House Information sheet only - KS3 (41 KB)
An Account of C17th Aston Hall (Teachers' notes 88 KB)
Aston Hall and the Victorians - KS2/KS3 (54 KB)
Building Materials (outside) - KS1 (785 KB)
Building Materials (outside) - KS2 (68 KB)
Changing Times - Tudors (140 KB)
Changing Times - Stuarts (139 KB)
Changing Times - Georgians (140 KB)
Changing Times - Victorians (142 KB)
Civil War - KS3 (155 KB)
Civil War Deployment of Parliamentarian Troops - KS3 (126 KB)
Civil War Document 1 - KS3 (51 KB)
Civil War Document 2 - KS3 (42 KB)
Civil War Document 3 - KS3 (52 KB)
Designed to Impress: Explaining the Ornamentation (Teachers' notes 139 KB)
Extracts from the 1654 Inventory - KS2/KS3/KS4 (58 KB)
Floor Plan - Ground floor (145 KB)
Floor Plan - First floor (145 KB)
Floor Plan - Second floor (102 KB)
Furniture Sheet - KS1/2/3 (8 KB)
Garden Guides (1.5 MB)
History - KS2 (37 KB)
Labelling the Outside - KS3 (285 KB)
Looking for Evidence: Level 1 - KS3 (49 KB)
Looking for Evidence: Level 2 - KS3 - History (67 KB)
Looking after Aston Hall - KS2/3 (44 KB)
Materials Sheet (inside) - KS1/2 (44 KB)
Rooms in Aston Hall - KS1 (38 KB)
Ready, Steady, Cook! (1) - KS2 (9 KB)
Ready, Steady, Cook! (2) - KS2 (10 KB)
Sir Thomas Holte's C.V. - KS2/KS3 (82 KB)
Sir Thomas Holte's Portrait - KS1/2 (16 KB)

Sir Thomas Holte Builds a New House (Teachers' notes 141 KB)
Spit Sheet - KS2 (30 KB)
Symmetry - KS2 (41 KB)
The C17th Servants - KS2/KS3/KS4 (39 KB)
Tudor Food (60KB)
Victorians: Early Rooms - KS2/KS3 (58 KB)
Victorians: Background Information (PDF 54 KB)
The Visit of Queen Victoria (PDF 24 KB)
What do you think the Tudors..? - KS2 (28 KB)

Sarehole Mill top

Annotate River section (20 KB)
Birmingham rivers (44 KB)

Cross-section 1 (224 KB)
Cross-section 2 (796 KB)
Cut away of Sarehole Mill (73 KB)
Gears and Pulleys (2.82 MB)
Geology of the river basin (220 KB)

Horse and cart (86 KB)
I spy (287 KB)
KS1 Little Red Hen Book (1.40 MB)
Line drawing of waterwheel (25 KB)
Little Red Hen's Bread Recipe (353 KB)
Maths (381 KB)
Medieval Sarehole (184 KB)
Midland Rivers (17 KB)
Mill Stone Cutaway (7 KB)
Plan of stone floor (77 KB)
Pupils Guide (528 KB)
Rivers booklet (1.09 MB)
Roof Beam Quiz (17 KB)
Roof Beam Answers (17 KB)
Sluice Gate (12 KB)
Spinning Wheel (227 KB)
The Water Cycle (18 KB)
Tick Chart of Materials (33 KB)
UK Rivers (175 KB)
UK Rivers (outline) (102 KB)
Waterwheel (76 KB)
Wheat to flour (613 KB)
World Rivers Quiz (251 KB)

Blakesley Hall top
An Introduction to Blakesley Hall (124 KB)
Artefact Activity (105 KB)
Blakesley Building (152 KB)
Blakesley Hall and Inventories (133 KB)
Blakesley Hall and The National Curriculum (119 KB)
Brass Rubbing Information (531 KB)
Brass Rubbing Activity (111 KB)
Getting the best out of your visit to Blakesley Hall (104 KB)
Getting the best out of your visit to Blakesley Hall - Half Day (99 KB)
Herb Garden Booklet (34 KB)
Herb Garden Activity (97 KB)
Herb Cures (131 KB)
Maths Activity (123 KB)
Outside worksheet (92 KB)
Rainbow (1.60 MB)
Still Room (821 KB)
The Family (222 KB)
The Furniture (255 KB)
Quill Activity (32 KB)
Soho House top
Activity book for KS 1 (2.20 MB)
Balloon Rocket Activity (62 KB)
Jumping Teddy Activity (246 KB)
Mary Seacole Story - pupil worksheet (458 KB)
Mary Seacole Background Info (Teachers' notes 78 KB)
Making New Connections (250 KB)
Pattern Trail (171 KB)
Perfect Patterns (621 KB)
Soho House - A Short History (163 KB)
Soho House Tour (67 KB)
Soho House Trail (981 KB)
Visitor Centre Trail - Key Stage 1 Easy (440 KB)
Visitor Centre Trail - Key Stage 1 (107 KB)
Visitor Centre Trail - Key Stage 2 Easy (110 KB)
Visitor Centre Trail - Key Stage 2 (111 KB)
Visitor Centre Trail - Key Stage 3 - 4 (113 KB)
Soho House scrap book - House from the past (1.6 MB)
Weoley Castle top
A description of Weoley Castle from 1424 with glossary (14 KB)
Analysing Weoley Castle's defenses (9 KB)
Analysing Weoley Castle's domestic features (7 KB)
Evaluating the reconstruction picture of Weoley Castle (17 KB)
How does the caslte look today? (626 KB)
Label a drawing of Weoley Castle (325 KB)
Weoley Castle for Kids - Label Weoley Castle (811 KB)
Museum Collections Centre top
Wheels pupil worksheet (100 KB)
Wheels answer sheet (100 KB)
School Loans Service top
General Historical Loans - teachers' notes and pupil worksheets
Egyptian Funerary Artefacts (6.97 MB)
Egyptian Everyday Life Artefacts (6.33 MB)
First World War (5.29 MB)
Greek Everyday Life (4.13 MB)
Roman Kitchen (2.08 MB)
Roman Settlers (6.64 MB)
Seaside Holidays (7.71 MB)
Second World War (4.07 MB)
Second World War - Air Raid Warden (2.88 MB)
Toys (1.93 MB)
Tudor Life (2.93 MB)
Victorian Everyday Life (2.97 MB)
Thematic Loans
Story Box - Elves and The Shoemaker(3.5 MB)
Washdays Past (2.08 MB)
Corner Shop (5.70 MB)
Judaism (2.70 MB)
Animals and Skeletons
Hedgehog (127 KB)
Barn Owl (64 KB)
Crow Skeleton (68 KB)
Duck Skull (61 KB)
Earth Sciences
Fossils (3.19 MB)