The School Loans Service
the free service for 'hands-on' learning in the class room

Loans boxes developed with schools, for schools.

Loans Box

The School Loans Service

Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery’s School Loans Service is both well-established and expanding. It offers rare and inspiring resources for schools. Our aim is to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to engage with the museum's collections in a way that will stimulate, support and enrich their learning.

The Service operates on a half term basis. There are over 200 loans available to borrow ranging from a cat’s skeleton to ancient Egyptian funerary masks, Roman mosaics, Greek pots and Roman togas.

Many of these have links with National Curriculum subject areas such as Predators and Prey, Ancient Egypt, Roman Settlers, Victorian Life, World War II, Natural History, Toys of the Past, Religious Studies and many more. These artefacts can be used to support curriculum teaching through artwork, role-play, literacy, numeracy or hands-on investigation.

School child looking at items in a loans box The majority of the objects within the collection are authentic and some are over 3,000 years old. It is a rare opportunity to handle such ancient artefacts and so great care and respect must be taken when doing so.

Some boxes of replica artefacts and replica costume are also available.

The Schools Loans boxes are also available for use by community groups, care homes and other organisations.

If you have any queries regarding the Schools Loans Service, please contact the Bookings Team on 0121 348 8001 or email

Egyptian Scarab Beetle
WW2 Clothing Book
Victorian Hot Water Bottle
Egyptian Funerary Mask
Morse Code Key
Victorian Chamberstick and Candle Snuffer
Egyptian Cartonnage Coffin Fragment
Civilian Gas Mask