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Roman 55 BC - 122 AD

Roman 55 BC - 122 AD

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The Romans were a powerful empire whose reign lasted 117 years. The Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD by the Emperor Claudius. The Romans settlers then 'taxed' the British in order to get money to build roads, baths and towns.

Let's find out about the Roman period. You can see lots more Roman artefacts on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Cartoon drawing of a helmet


The Centurion’s helmet was worn to protect the head, it apparently had a transverse crest. Crests probably differed from Centurion to Centurion indicating recognition by their own soldiers.

Cartoon drawing of the Coliseum


This is a Roman Coliseum. It is a building where the gladiators would have fought for the pleasure of the spectators.

Cartoon drawing of a pair of sandals


These sandals were designed to help the Romans march for long distances. They were strong, well ventilated and allowed the soldiers to march very quickly. The sandals often had metal studs at the bottom to make them last longer.

Cartoon drawing of the head of Hadrian

Head of Hadrian

In 117AD Hadrian was made Emperor. He ordered the building of a great wall to defend his forts in York. We now know this as Hadrian's Wall. It took 8 years to build and is 115km long.

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