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Pears, Pippins and Pies!

An investigation into Tudor food and entertainment at Blakesley Hall for KS2 pupils.

Blakesley Hall is a timber-framed manor house built in 1590 for a wealthy Birmingham businessman called Richard Smalbroke.

Painting of Blakesley Hall

Surrounded by farmland, woods and streams, it formed a small country estate for Richard, who lived there in fine gentlemanly style.

To celebrate the birth of his new grandaughter, Richard decided to invite his friends and neighbours to the Hall. His wife, Mistress Elizabeth Smalbroke Sr. daughter Joan, Robert's wife, Mistress Elizabeth Smalbroke Jr. and the servants prepared the feast while Richard and his son Robert organised the entertainment.

Barbara Smalbroke, Richard's grandaughter, was born in November 1593. She lived to be 86 years old. Can you work out the year that she died?

As a young woman she married first, Henry Devereux, then Aylmer Foliot. She had thirteen children - eleven boys and two girls! They all lived at Blakesley Hall in the 1600s.

The new baby, Barbara Smalbroke