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Medieval - Animals

Bear baiting
Bear baiting was a popular sport.

Arranging contests between animals was a common form of recreation. It was thought particularly suitable entertainment for royalty!

A bear or bull was tied to a stake and attacked by one or more dogs.

It was sometimes made more ferocious by having pepper blown up its nostrils.

The bear took vicious revenge on the on-lookers if it managed to pull free - as sometimes happened!

Where did the bears come from?

A wolf
There were still lots of wolves about at this time.

Wolves lived in the dense forest which still existed and preyed on cattle and sheep if they got a chance.

A boy was often sent out with stock to keep a watch out for wolves.

When do you think the last wolf was shot in Britain?

A beaver
Beavers have long since disappeared - they have all been eaten!

There were beavers in the country then too. They were eaten on days when the Church said people should only eat fish.

Why do you think beavers were considered a fish?


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