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The Tudors - Homes for the rich

Blakesley Hall - a home for the rich
Blakesley Hall was a yeoman farmer's home built for Richard Smallbrooke in Tudor times.

The peace in the country in Tudor times is shown by the more comfortable, less protected homes of rich people. A new class of merchants and yeoman farmers wanted new houses to show off their wealth and improving position in life. These homes were often built of wood (see Tudors - Homes for the not so rich).

Blakesley Hall in Birmingham was one such home. A large porch leads into the traditional Hall with buttery, pantry and still room to one side. The kitchen was originally separate - there was always a fear of fire with a wooden building! (A brick built kitchen was added at the back later.)

The master's private rooms included both a Great Parlour and a Small Parlour as well as bedrooms. A sort of Long Gallery was created on the first floor. Everyone who could afford it aspired to a Long Gallery in the late sixteenth century! Fashion in house design had arrived!

Diamond panes of glass, held in with lead strips, were now more usual in the windows.

How can you tell this is a rich man's timber framed home?


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