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The Victorians - Homes for the rich

Highbury - a home for the rich
Highbury was built in Victorian times for Joseph Chamberlain, an important Birmingham MP.

The Victorians looked to the past for ideas in house design.

Highbury, in Birmingham is shown in the picture. It was built for the M.P. Joseph Chamberlain in the 1880's. It shows the great interest in Gothic architecture at that time.

Inside a magnificent hall (looking back to the old castle hall) provided the centre for a typical Victorian room lay-out: Morning Room, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Boudoir and Library.

Upstairs a number of fine bedrooms led off a Gallery. All the principal rooms display a wealth of decoration - foliage, flowers, animals and birds in wood, stone, plaster and stained glass.

The large, high ceilinged rooms were heavily furnished and littered with knick-knacks and ornaments as was the fashion.

This Victorian house was built with a bathroom and flushing toilet. Poorer folk had to wait another 50 years or more before these were standard items in their homes!

Which features show the Victorian interest in Gothic style?


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