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What can Aston Hall tell us about the Great Fire of London?

The Great Fire of London took place 350 years ago, in September, 1666. It started in a bakery.

There was no rain that summer. London was very dry and a brisk east wind spread the flames.

Fire fighting equipment was not much good. And it was difficult to get water unless near the river.

King Charles II, and his brother, the Duke of York, had to take charge of fighting the fire. It lasted for 4 days and burned down most of London.

We can find out a lot about the Great Fire of London at Aston Hall. There is a bread oven in the kitchen like the one in the bakery in Pudding Lane where the fire started.

Aston Hall has furniture and old things just like those in London houses at the time of the Great Fire. You can work what caught fire easily.

A man called Samuel Pepys wrote about it in his diary. Aston Hall has rooms like those in Mr Pepys' house at the time of the Great Fire.

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