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Material Matters - Quiz

Properties of Wood

  1. Rough - until it is sanded smooth
  2. Hard
  3. Bendy (pliable) if in sticks or thin pieces
  4. Dry
  5. Light - compared to other building materials and it will float on water

Experiment with different materials to see which float as well as wood.

  1. A weight - it is strong
  2. Water - it slowly absorbs liquids but wet wood attracts moulds which eventually destroy it
  3. Shaping and carving - it is an easy material to use for decorative work
  4. Insects - woodworm, deathwatch beetle and other insects bore into wood and, again, destroy it

Find out which types of wood these insects like best.

  1. Electricity - it will not carry an electrical charge
  2. Hot or cold - wood is a good thermal insulator and will keep heat or cold in and out

Why were the rooms of Tudor houses like Blakesley Hall lined with wood panelling.

  1. If heated - it produces heat and burns to ashes
  2. If allowed to dry out too quickly - it cracks
  3. If mashed up - it can be made into  paper

Find out how many things were made of wood years ago. What materials are used for these things nowadays?

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