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Looking at Victorian Artefacts - Items Used by Servants

All these items date from Victorian times. Click on some of the items to find out more or use the text links below:

Victorian items Slop bucketMoustache cup Bellows Wood and leather shoes Feather duster and beater Kitchen utensilsGloves and stretcher Bird scarer and bee smoker Wing collar Kitchen utensils Shaving utensils Keys and cane Invalid Cup

Slop Bucket  |  Moustache Cup  | Feather Duster and Carpet Beater  | 
Kitchen Utensils  |  Bellows  |  Wood and Leather Shoes   | 
Housekeeper's Keys and Cane  |  Gloves and Glove Stretchers  |  Invalid Cup
Wing Collar  |  Shaving Utensils  |  Bird Scarer and Bee Smoker


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